LGBT Friendly

My Cuban Taxi team...

  • proud to welcome members of the LGBT community visiting our country for work or pleasure.
  • ...treats everyone with respect, whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered. 
  • the oldest LGBT friendly taxi service in Cuba, with more than 10 years of experience in Havana.
  • ...wants to be the leading transport service in Havana, also for the LGBT community.

Our services:

"Mi Cayito" beach
"Mi Cayito" beach

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Services and prices


We remark our transfers to "Mi Cayito", the most famous gay beach in Cuba, where you can enjoy sunbathing & swimming in the Caribbean sea, filled with the most attractive Cuban men/girls.

It's is close to Havana (25 Km away) and you can go from Havana with a classic, confortable with air conditioner, by enjoying the views of the Cuban coast.


Our prices for standard round trip (Havana - Mi Cayito - Havana) (max. of 4 passengers per taxi):

  • classic convertible car:  60 USD
  • classic hard top car:  45 USD

In case you need any other service not included in our website, please contact us.